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MHCLG commission BRE to explore ADB research

BRE Global has been commissioned by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to manage one of the workstreams to assess whether Approved Document B (ADB) provides up to dateRead More...
By : NSHFSG Administrator | Mar 22, 2021

Home Office publish fire safety consultation response

The government have issued their response to the Home Office’s fire safety consultation that ran from July to October 2020. It provides a summary of the responses received and sets out theRead More...
By : NSHFSG Administrator | Mar 21, 2021

NSHFSG supports plans to develop competence assessment and register

Working Group 8 published the competence requirements for Dame Judith’s concept of a ‘Building Safety Manager’ (BSM) in October 2020, in their report Safer People, Safer Homes.  This work was recently releasedRead More...
By : NSHFSG Administrator | Mar 14, 2021

NFCC warns of fire risk when using emollients

People who use emollients and smoke are at greater risk of setting themselves on fire, due to the flammable residue that may be left on clothes, bandages and bedding, warns the NationalRead More...
By : NSHFSG Administrator | Mar 6, 2021