Key Messages

Dodgy fire doors are usually just one of many signs of fire safety negligence, but actually they’re a relatively easy one to spot and do something about.

“Look out for these three things to start with:

  1. Make sure any door marked ‘Fire Door’ closes correctly around all parts of the frame, and that it’s not blocked or wedged open.
  2. Check the gap between the door and the frame. No more than 3-4mm is what we want to see.
  3. Check for damage on the door and all its edges, hinges, handles and windows. If it’s looking battered, chipped or tatty, it’s time for a proper inspection by a qualified fire door inspector.

“We are calling on everyone to look again at the buildings you live, stay and work in, and to report dodgy fire doors to the landlord, building manager or owner.

“The same principle applies to all commercial buildings, non-domestic and multi-occupancy premises, including offices, restaurants, shops, hotels, care homes, public buildings, high rise flats and privately rented apartments. All of these buildings should have properly installed and maintained fire doors to help save lives and property.”

This video provides a simple checklist to make sure your fire door and all its components are safe.

Installing a fire door isn’t like hanging an ordinary door. You MUST get it right otherwise property and lives will be at risk. ALWAYS check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you have the correct components to fit to the door. DON’T take risks. This video will help.