Our heartfelt thoughts and deepest sympathies are with all of those affected by this horrific and tragic incident. We would also like to extend our thanks to the emergency services for their continuing efforts in what is a very challenging, unique and complex incident.

It is clear that at this stage we do not know the cause of the fire, where it started and do not know why the fire spread the way that it did.

We welcome the announcement by Prime Minister Theresa May that a public inquiry will be launched into the incident, so that any immediate lessons can be identified and actioned by the sector as quickly as possible and we will continue to work with and influence national fire safety policy working with government, our partners and key stakeholders to ensure collective action is taken where it is necessary to ensure that such an incident is prevented in the future and to further improve fire safety across the housing sector.

Andy Frankum, Vice Chair of the National Social Housing Fire Strategy Group says “We are supporting our members to ensure that immediate practical and consistent advice is available to members, so that they can provide re-assurance to residents living in high rise blocks, maisonettes and blocks of flats.

There is no evidence to suggest that residents living in blocks of flats are at any greater risk from fire and we encourage our members to take appropriate steps to check existing controls in place to manage fire risk and to ensure safety standards are maintained, working with local fire and rescue services where appropriate, to ensure that adequate assurance is given at this time.”

Advice to residents includes:

  • Ensuring you have a working smoke alarm within the dwelling
  • Know your escape route and plan for the building and what to do in the event of an emergency
  • Keeping escape routes clear
  • Ensure that your flat entrance door is closing effectively, report any defects to your landlord

Notes for Editors

The National Social Housing Fire Group is an independent and sector led body who represents 210 member organisations across the social housing sector and its main aim is to establish and impact on national policy in relation to fire safety in our communities.

Whilst the group is independent it works very closely with other partners such as the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), the Fire Sector Federation (FSF) and other key stakeholders to achieve its aims.

To contact us or for more information please visit our website at www.shfsg.info.

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