Working Group 8 published the competence requirements for Dame Judith’s concept of a ‘Building Safety Manager’ (BSM) in October 2020, in their report Safer People, Safer Homes.  This work was recently released in a standalone document to help organisations to take action now to address and identify where competence gaps might exist. This work is also being taken forward by the British Standards Institute (BSI) to develop PAS 8763 which will set out requirements and guidance for the assessment of these competencies.

One of the recommendations by WG8 was to establish a single not for profit, industry led organisation to undertake the end point competence assessment of building safety managers and to maintain a single national register for BSM’s.

The NSHFSG believes with the right governance, transparency and sanctions that together with the competence framework developed will embed this new role successfully where competence is independently assessed and maintained across the lifecycle of any buildings being managed by BSM’s or their respective organisations.

The NSHFSG will be attending the inaugural meeting on March 15th 2021 with a number of industry bodies and organisations to develop the working group recommendation further.